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Helping you to Look Good, Feel Good & Perform Better.

As a Wellness Coach, Well-being Advisor & Inspirational Speaker, I love helping people to understand how what we eat & how we think impact our well-being & performance in personal, family & professional life.

Losing health through stress over 28 years ago, while working as a journalist, triggered my interest in nutrition, healthy active lifestyle & personal development. What I’ve learned to help myself, now I use & share with other people.

Over the years, in my quest for finding solutions to my personal challenges, I’ve been privileged to attend trainings with world renowned scientists, including a Nobel Prize Laureate in medicine, Dr Louis Ignarro; studied personal development and especially the works of my mentor, the late Jim Rohn; even took part in the 12 month’s financial mentoring programme by Robert T. Kiyosaki; and became a member of Andy Harrington’s Professional Speakers Academy.

As a result of my studies, attended workshops & seminars, I accumulated a wide range of skills and an eclectic knowledge that combined with my personal experiences allows me to work with people in a unique way.

After 22 years, I still wake up every morning excited about what I do, passionate about helping people to lose weight, to be radiant with energy, to have a healthy body, to perform better, so they can live a balanced & fulfilled life.

Izabella Niewiadomska – Founder